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Sunday, March 9, 2008

iPlus 2.0 screens?

Sneak preview of iPlus 2.0!


Coming soon!

Oh, and 2.0 will be iPhone only, with 2.1 just behind for iPod Touch, so I have heard...


Rp said...

any other commands other then just -u, how about people with real att phones, so say they just want to do jailbreak?

dan gray said...

...and any chance of an activate, unlock and no jailbreak option? :)

ikuwara said...

Will this new version 2.0 fix the NO WIFI/BT/IMEI and Bootrom empty problem??

Thanks for your reply...

iPlusPWNS said...

2.0 has -j and -a options without unlocking.

1.2 has already fixed the no WIFI/BT on some phones that lost these after ziphone, but depending on how you broke your phone, we can't give any guarantees.

Higinio said...

when will it come out?? getting my iphone in about 3hours!

ikuwara said...


I discover that NO WIFI/BT issues is because of

Empty eeprom.

"AppleMRVL868x: Invalid calibration data in device tree"

Any idea?