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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

XPwn 0.4.1 - Major Update

Well 0.4.0 had a couple of bits that needed tweaking so here is v0.4.1

The major difference is iDevice now replaces dfu-util. iDevice is tailored to provide a guide to put the phone into DFU extremely simply, with a new custom logo to show when the phone is ready to be restored in iTunes.

Incorrect use of DFU was the cause of the 16xx errors in iTunes previously.

You can also resize the OS partition. I tested up to 8GB on a 16GB iPhone, so go install all the apps you want!

Also you can now specify the switch -memory to speed up IPSW creation if you have a LOT of RAM installed.

Libusb is not needed any more either...thank God.

Join us in #xpwn on for support.

A big well done to planetbeing.


Chris McDaniel said...

Cool nothing like a major update to fix those errors

Lior Azi said...

hooray! partitions resize !

waicheng said...

Xpwn completes all iPhone!