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Thursday, March 13, 2008

iPlus 2.0b Released!

What's new in 2.0b?

- Unlock/downgrade strategy rework: Now safer than ever!
- New Interface on the iPhone (using iPipe from MCA)
- Fix for the "Repair Needed" problem reported by some users
- iPlus will always reboot twice (and not 2 or 3 times)
- Pass 2 visual feedback. Now users know what is going on
- PC/Mac program will not end until everything is really done
- Support for PPC
- Better error handling
- Empty payloads - just jailbreak
- No need to install libreadline on MacOS X

More info and downloads available at 


Yuck said...

My 16GB Iphone just arrived, it has firmware 1.1.4 installed on it. I intend on using AT&T since i am on the East Coast.
So my question is this, should i activate the phone with AT&T first, then jailbreak it so i can get the installer?
Or should i jailbreak it first, then activate the phone?

Thank you for the replies~!

Gianni said...

iPlus 2.0b.
the phone hangs at the end of 1 phase while searching reboot command that is missed.

dfcc said...

is it possible to remove the extra apps that get installed such a bsd subsystem, ssh, vt terminal etc? or is there an option to not install these apps?

YuckFou said...

Empty payloads - just jailbreak, according to his features, but will it install the installer without the payload?

dan gray said...

The website with the download is down, is there anywhere else to get it?

Vikram said...

Download Link

Vikram said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
S3bs said...

Hi, I'va 2 iPhones, an 8Gb 1.1.2OTB (1.1.4) and a 16Gb 1.1.3OTB (1.1.4).... and in the two phones i'm having the same problem...

sometimes, the signal bars droped to only one, and stays there... but suddenly recover the "true" signal... i don't know what could be the problem either how to fix it...

Please, if someone have the solution, explain it to me...


Matthiasaudi said...

how can i download an available update? my account at fileshare said it isn´t possible to make downloads. must i register there, and what are the cost about it. sorry. my english isn´t so good. can somebody german?