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Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Apps, New Site


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killerkelkeller said...

I can't access your site =\ Google says it's not there and asks me if I want to view a cached copy of it.
Just fyi.

Apple said...

Your site is down for a long time, what happend?


LKRaider said...

website still down :(

Anonymous said...

i got to say that I must be dumber than most because i want to download this Iplus and I just cannot fiugre out how? I was able to download Ziphone and unlock my iphone and get 1.1.4 and do the same with the ipod and figure out after days that the reason my camera app. kept saying that I needed to delete photos even though I didn't have any photos and searching google til 6 am and nobody knew how to fix it and then going to a place in Bangkok called MBK and the guy replaced the camera and it worked and now the sounds plays sounds but won't play the sounds when i get a call or click keyboard etc, so I probably need a speaker. Thats it from me. Maybe someone can explain this iplus app. how to download? and what to do even though I don;t need to jailbreak or activate i guess until the next upgrade comes along?thanks

Farshad said...

damn your site not loading and firefox say adress not found.
please solve it.

Dark said...

the website is down for almost a week...will they ever come back?