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Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Version of iPlus Coming Soon!

News from the Hackint0sh thread 

Originally Posted by aviegas
Some news:

New version of iPlus being prepared.

The most important change is that now I know how to prevent the "Reair Needed" problem that has been report by some users. Once again with the help of some folks from the Dev Team I was able to figure out where the problem is and devise a way to fix it.

Also the following features are planned:

- PPC support
- Better payload integration
- Second pass completion infomation. No need to wait without feedback
- Minor enhancements
- Simple GUI - provided by Zuegg

So stay tuned!


La Boca said...
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La Boca said...

Just got me a brand new iPhone. Now should I wait for the new version of iPlus or should I unlock it with ver. 2.0b ??