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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

xpwn updated to v0.4.3

A small bug squashing update:

Trivial API bug fixes
Fixed a few minor memory leaks

Xpwn updated to 0.4.2

Planetbeing has been hard at it...

0.4.2 lowers memory useage to prevent ipsw failure on creation
Also fixes a root size problem.


Blogging from the iPhone 3g

Sent from my iPhone!!! Damn, these things are great!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

XPwn 0.4.1 - Major Update

Well 0.4.0 had a couple of bits that needed tweaking so here is v0.4.1

The major difference is iDevice now replaces dfu-util. iDevice is tailored to provide a guide to put the phone into DFU extremely simply, with a new custom logo to show when the phone is ready to be restored in iTunes.

Incorrect use of DFU was the cause of the 16xx errors in iTunes previously.

You can also resize the OS partition. I tested up to 8GB on a 16GB iPhone, so go install all the apps you want!

Also you can now specify the switch -memory to speed up IPSW creation if you have a LOT of RAM installed.

Libusb is not needed any more either...thank God.

Join us in #xpwn on for support.

A big well done to planetbeing.

Xpwn Update - 0.4.0

Planetbeing has updated xpwn to v0.4.0.

Expect to see an ppdated guide (link on the left) with instructions for iDevice.exe as soon as I have worked out what it does! Looks like it is a dfu-util replacement...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cydia Guide

In depth - Jailbreak your 2g phone

Over a few posts Im going to take apart the commands needed to jailbreak and unlock 2g and 3g iphones, starting with jailbreaking the 2g on a LEGIT contract.

Heres the command::

ipsw OrigFirm/iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw CustomFirm/custom.ipsw -e "Phone Activation" bundles/Cydia.tar

ipsw:: ipsw is the exe file that doesa the work. If you just type "c:> ipsw" and press return you will see all the options it takes.

OrigFirm/iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw:: This tells ipsw to look in the OrigFirm folder for the iphones ORIGINAL firmware, which you downloaded. iPhone1,1_2... is for 2g phones and iPhone1,2_2... is for 3g phones.

CustomFirm/custom.ipsw:: This tells ipsw to save your custom firmware in the CustomFirm folder. You can change the name of your custom firmware. This is a good idea if you make different ones with different logos, packages etc.

-e "Phone Activation":: The -e command tells ipsw NOT to do something, in this case NOT to activate the phone because we are on a legit iPhone carrier contract.

bundles/Cydia.tar:: You can add packages to xpwn which get built in to the custom firmware you are making. The most common is Cydia, the new iPhone installer for homebrew software. They live in the bundles folder.

Running this command will build a custom firmware that will unlock your 2g phone but not activate it.

If you want to add boot and restore logos you can! Just change the command slightly::

-b Logos/boot.png -r Logos/restore.png

ipsw OrigFirm/iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw CustomFirm/custom.ipsw -b Logos/boot.png -r Logos/restore.png -e "Phone Activation" bundles/Cydia.tar

Our IRC channel

You can usually find help in our IRC channel:

Server: #xpwn or #winpwn or #iphone

Xpwn v Winpwn v Pwnage.

Got a Mac? Use Pwnage.

Got a PC? Use Xpwn or Winpwn

Which one to use? Well, I suggest you try winpwn...if it fails (16xx errors in iTunes usually) use xpwn.

Quote from #xpwn:

should've used xpwn from first place...
thanks a lot mate

There is no rivalry...I assist in #xpwn and #winpwn.

Our Guide + Tools

I have put together an Xpwn guide and pack of all files required.

It is updated daily if needed after Planetbeing's updates so it is usually just ahead of Winpwn in terms of bugfixes.

XPWN - the hidden engine behind winpwn

The iPhone Dev Team announces the availability of “XPwn”, a fast cross-platform command-line pwnage utility. XPwn includes the core functionality of the Mac PwnageTool in a flexible command-line utility for hackers, enabling you to pwn your iPhone on more platforms than ever before.

Dev Team announcement

Planetbeings' xpwn repository